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How to Eat Organic On a Budget

Dr Phil Bennett from the Dental Implant Expert in Lyme Regis has for years been helping people to get the perfect smile and to correct long running dental issues. Once you have been given the confidence in yourself from a professional like Dr Bennett it’s then time to take a look at what other things you can improve. One way to do this is by eating healthy!   If you haven’t heard about the organic food movement, chances are you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years. Organic foods Read more [...]

How to Eat Healthfully When Dining Out

For anyone trying to eat a healthy diet or lose weight, eating out at a restaurant can be a total nightmare. There are way too many temptations on the menu, and it’s so easy to say “oh well okay, just this one time!” But did you know that your hamburger, cobb salad or club sandwich can pack 1000 calories or more? And with all the added salt and unhealthy fats in restaurant food, your meal may taste delicious but you’ll be paying the price afterwards with a sluggish mood and heavy belly. Eating Read more [...]

4 Smart Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Here at Arden House Dental we believe that we should not only advise people on how to achieve a better level of dental health but also how to live a healthy lifestyle. Living such a lifestyle will help your body to maintain a good level of dental health. Health is such a broad topic that means many different things to people, but overall is generally accepted as something we need to maintain in our lives. So why is it often so hard to maintain the healthy habits we know we need for optimal living? Read more [...]

Six Month Smiles at Whites Dental Care

Do you hide away in the corner because you are unhappy with your smile? Or perhaps you have a family member or friend whose confidence is affected by the way they look? If the answer is yes, there is now a quick, affordable and safe way to fit all lifestyles with the Six Month Smile treatment. Whites Dental Care in Bishops Waltham offers orthodontic treatment to help improve patient’s smiles using modern tooth braces. Although braces were most commonly used in children and teenagers, Read more [...]

Top Tips for Nervous Dental Patients

A trip to the dentist is a nerve wracking experience for a lot of people. There's the worry that you might require further treatment which means terrifying things like injections and drills, or an embarrassing lecture about how you're eating far too many sweets and clearly aren't brushing your teeth correctly. Dentists deal with nervous patients day in day out. From patients who are merely a bit apprehensive to patients who have a panic attack at the more mention of the word “dentist” Read more [...]