How to choose the colour of your braces

If you have been told that you will need to traditional metal braces for the next 12 -18 months you will be relieved to know that you no longer have to wear More »

Facts about Royal Vegas mobile casino

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What You Need to Know About Insurance  

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How to Add Pizazz to Your Party

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Six Month Smiles at Whites Dental Care

Do you hide away in the corner because you are unhappy with your smile? Or perhaps you have a family member or friend whose confidence is affected by the way they look? If the answer is yes, there is now a quick, affordable and safe way to fit all lifestyles with the Six Month Smile treatment. Whites Dental Care in Bishops Waltham offers orthodontic treatment to help improve patient’s smiles using modern tooth braces. Although braces were most commonly used in children and teenagers, Read more [...]

Top Tips for Nervous Dental Patients

A trip to the dentist is a nerve wracking experience for a lot of people. There's the worry that you might require further treatment which means terrifying things like injections and drills, or an embarrassing lecture about how you're eating far too many sweets and clearly aren't brushing your teeth correctly. Dentists deal with nervous patients day in day out. From patients who are merely a bit apprehensive to patients who have a panic attack at the more mention of the word “dentist” Read more [...]

Choosing the right colour of your braces?

Choosing a colour for your braces has never been as exciting as patients can now make that all important choice of what they want to wear. BeamOrthodontists inDundee are specialist Orthodontics, offering cutting edge treatments and techniques which include coloured braces for patients. With more than 20 varieties currently available there are plenty of different combinations to choose from. You can choose to have themed colours like orange and black for Halloween or red and green at Christmas Read more [...]

The Damon orthodontic treatment – The Orthodontic Studio

The Damon system of orthodontics is one of four fixed, passive, self-ligating methods of correcting malocclusions which works faster than other orthodontic treatments What are the benefits? Shorter treatment period than other orthodontic options The teeth can move faster due the reduced friction between the wires and the brackets. This can reduce overall treatment time by an average of 4 - 6 months. More comfortable treatment - easier to get used to your braces. The wires exert Read more [...]

Teeth whitening for that Summer Occasion

Many of us are looking forward to those holidays, weddings and special events, so with lots of offers on teeth whitening treatments what better time to treat yourself to a pearly white smile for those memorable summer occasions. Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments currently on the market with many dental practices now offering this. Whitening is a safe method; however it must be carried out by a dental professional for the best results. Considering Whitening Read more [...]